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8 Ways Vitamin B3 Can Help Women Look and Feel Younger  

9 years ago 8 minute read

Everyone wants that magic pill that can reverse or prevent all aging problems, right? It would be incredible if wrinkles could just go away and crow’s feet would never appear. Imagine if those sunspots were simply never a problem.

However, the truth is that we all age, and with that right of passage come a few less than savory imperfections. Wrinkles, lines and sunspots are all simply marks of aging, whether we like it or not. What we would like, though, is for a way to help make them less apparent.

Those who believe in the power of vitamin B3 and its various forms are finding that it has numerous different anti-aging properties. Here we will let you know how vitamin B3, niacin and niacinamide are helping elderly women look and feel younger.

If you would like to help make your signs of aging less apparent, then continue reading. We will discuss eight ways that the vitamin B3 can help your look and feel younger.

1. Doctors Use Niacin All Of The Time, So It Must Be Good

NiacinFor the intent and purpose of this article, the terms vitamin B3, niacin and niacinamide will be used. Bear in mind that niacin and niacinamide are both forms of vitamin B3.

Many vegetables and foods, such as milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables and meat are rich sources of vitamin B3. Any vitamin B supplement will also include vitamin B3. For many years, doctors have used niacin to treat a multitude of medical conditions.

High cholesterol, migraines, dizziness, diabetes and various skin conditions are all treatable through medications, including vitamin B3. While doctors utilized the healing properties of vitamin B3 for years, let’s talk about some other uses for this undervalued vitamin.

2. Vitamin B Lessens Your Risk Of Strokes

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Vitamin B works to help reduce the risk of stroke, a condition where a blood clot stops blood flow to the brain.Studies have proven that those who take vitamin B for six months or longer have lowered their risk of stroke by up to seven percent.

It is advisable to talk to your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements, especially if you have an already existing medical condition, or if you are taking medications of any kind.

3. Vitamin B Brings Many Cognitive Benefits

In addition to the many treatment properties that vitamin B3 clearly has, there are also many cognitive benefits, as well.

BrainDoctors agree that the vitamin has the power to affect the brain.What is still undetermined is how they can use that power to be more valuable to the brain.

As of right now, medical professionals use vitamin B3 for the treatment of ADHD, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, depression, chronic organic brain syndrome and alcohol dependence. It is useful for many other addiction problems, too.

In fact, many people even take vitamin B3 to help boost their orgasms. Orgasms stem from the neurological area of our brain; thus, this is yet another way that B3 can help us cognitively. What could be better than improved orgasms? Well, maybe anti-aging benefits, for starters.

4. Vitamin B3 Removes Redness From Your Skin

In addition to the cognitive and medical benefits of vitamin B3, there are also quite a few anti-aging benefits of the supplement. The first anti-aging property we will discuss is reducing any redness on your skin.

redness of the skin
Photo by Alisha Vargas / CC BY

Vitamin B3 works to boost hydration, which reduces the redness of the skin. You can find products to help with this particular symptom by looking for lotions, creams and serums with niacinamide on the label of the product. These products work to increase the creation of ceramides and fatty acids in the skin. These two components of the skin are important to the outer barrier. This helps to strengthen the skin and keep moisture in, while keeping irritants out. Since vitamin B3 helps to do just that, it is a prime ingredient for many anti-aging creams and lotions.

Studies have proven that products with niacinamide included in them have helped to improve the flushing and blushing caused by rosacea, which is commonly found to worsen in aging women. Experts claim that in order to see the best results, you should apply vitamin B3 products both in the morning and in the evening. These experts claim that using a retinoid in addition to a niacinamide product can bring the most benefits to your skin.

5. Niacinamide Reduces Wrinkles

WrinklesThe Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology has reported that niacinamide, a version of vitamin B3, leads to a surplus of protein synthesis, otherwise known as keratin.

This stimulates the effect of ceramides on aging skin. The effect of this stimulation smoothes out wrinkles and allows for more moisture in the skin.

Studies have shown that women ages 40 to 60 who have used niacinamide within a moisturizer have found vast improvements to their fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and redness.

Niacinamide can also be beneficial for a few other skin issues.

6. Say Goodbye To Your Adult Acne

Adult AcneChances are that if you suffer from adult acne, you are ready for it to go away forever. One of the benefits of being an adult is supposed to be that you no longer have pimples and zits; however, many adults suffer with the issue of acne.

The good news is that niacinamide is an ingredient in many acne treatments that can help significantly. Studies have proven that using an acne treatment that contains at least a four percent concentration of niacinamide can lessen the severity of adult acne.

At this time there is no measure to indicate the exact efficiency of niacinamide for adult acne. But, researchers have found that it works. Many claim that it is because niacinamide works to lessen the production of sebum, while others are still unsure why it helps acne the way it does.

7. Niacinamide Lightens Those Stubborn Dark Spots

Dark Spots
Photo by Loyna / CC BY-SA

Many skin-lightening gels include niacinamide, which helps to lighten the skin. In a study aiming to treat melasma, a common skin problem that causes brownish-grey splotches on the skin, niacinamide, with a four-percent concentration worked almost as well as hydroquinone. Also, those who used the niacinamide concentration experienced fewer side effects compared to their hydroquinone counterparts.

In other studies, niacinamide has also been found to significantly decrease hyperpigmentation. While some are skeptical because a large skin care company funded the study, many scientists support the accuracy of their claims.

Many people are interested in lightening their skin. From sunspots to conditions known as melasma, there is an array of different causes of skin darkening. Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, can help lighten these spots. Vitamin B3 and its different forms helps fight the signs of aging in one more way.

8. The Antioxidant Boost

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Niacin-containing enzymes are largely involved in producing energy metabolism, NAD and NADP, through the ridding of free radicals. Particularly in people with diabetes, researchers have found that niacin and other forms of B3 can help rid the body of unwanted free radicals.

The reduction of free radicals can keep the body healthy and cancer free, and free radicals also work to create youthful looking skin. Vitamin B3 and its various forms of niacin and niacinamide are anti-aging agents. They work to protect the body and keep it healthy, and also maintain youthful appearance and feel.

How Niacin, Niacinamide And Vitamin B3 Works

Vitamin B3 works by increasing the natural levels of niacin within the body. Our bodies naturally produce niacin, which turns into niacinamide. It is easy to dissolve both niacin and niacinamide and turn it into a supplement. The depletion of niacin within our bodies causes many health problems. A niacin-deficient diet can lead to high cholesterol and dementia. These are serious medical conditions that can arise from a lack of this nutrient; hence, the body can only do better from having more B3.

Where To Find Vitamin B3, Niacin And Niacinamide Supplements

Vegetables and leafy greensYou can find vitamin B3 in virtually all food and supplement stores. As we have mentioned, vitamin B3 is naturally present in many foods, such as turkey, vegetables and leafy greens.

Milk, mushrooms, eggs and peanuts also include vitamin B3 naturally. Tuna is the best natural way to find vitamin B3, with approximately 156 percent DRI/DV.

There are also many supplements you can purchase to consume the right dosage of vitamin B3. You can have too much, so be very cautious. Doses over 75 milligrams can cause your blood vessels to dilate in a dangerous range. It can cause itching, tingling and a flushing sensation throughout your body. There is actually a term for this feeling, called “niacin flush.” This is not necessarily a serious condition; however, it is embarrassing for most people who experience it.

Vitamin B3 supplements will typically be available in a starting range of 50 to 75 milligrams. You can start with dosage of three times a day, and slowly increase it as you become more comfortable. It is highly advisable to take these supplements with meals.

Know The Negative Side Effects

Stomach troublesIn addition to niacin flush, some people experience stomach troubles when taking a niacin supplement.

Taking too much niacin consistently can have serious adverse effects. These include liver disease, digestive issues, an increased risk of strokes and an irregular heartbeat.

Niacin can definitely make women look gorgeous and young. What’s more, it works to Increase blood flow and sensations in genital region, which awakens your low libido. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your sexual drive or desire to look absolutely stunning without any risks, you can try taking some safe supplements containing niacin as one of the prime ingredients.

Companies such as offer harmless, yet effective and natural supplements to help improve your sexual functioning, in addition to providing many anti-aging properties.