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Female Enhancement Gel: 3 Ways to Enhance the Effects

10 years ago 5 minute read

With so many stresses in life, many women find it difficult to get in the mood for love. Loss of libido in females is a common issue nowadays.

Also, studies show that it is normal for many women to lose interest in sexual activities at some  point of their lives.

Loss of libido can drastically reduce the quality of the sex life between partners and may risk their romantic relationship. Let’s learn about the causes that lead to women’s lack of sexual interest.

What Are The Causes Of Loss Of Libido In Females?

Loss of libido is a common issue among many women. Almost half of women lose interest in sex in spite of being sexually healthy. There can be physical as well as psychological causes

for this loss. Some of these are discussed below:

  • DrugsPhysical Causes: Alcohol abuse, drugs, smoking and lack of energy are some of the common causes of loss of libido in women. Anemia, diabetes and the use of anti-depressants may also be responsible. Many women find themselves losing interest in sex after childbirth.
  • Psychological Reasons: Depression, anxiety, tension and stress may lead to loss of interest in sexual intimacy. Some deeper hidden emotional distresses like sexual abuse may contribute to the problem as well. Childhood trauma and difficult living conditions may also lead to the loss of interest in sex among women.

A woman may feel uncomfortable during sex because of a lack of libido, failure to orgasm, or a dry vagina.

Keeping this in mind, experts have thoughtfully designed sexual enhancement products specifically for females.

One such product that is providing beneficial results for boosting sexual interest in women is a female enhancement gel.

What Is A Female Enhancement Gel?

sexual ecstasy in womenFemale enhancement gels are oil-, silicone- or water-based. They are applied topically to enhance sexual ecstasy in women. It’s super easy to use a female enhancement gel. You just need to massage it under the clitoral hood.

Massaging ensures the penetration of the ingredients into the tissues. Female enhancement gel provides lubrication upon application and helps to stimulate the rapid flow of blood towards the genitals, which in turn sexually activates the woman and helps her to enjoy intimate moments with her partner.

How To Choose The Best Female Enhancement Gel?

Ever since the introduction of female sexual enhancement creams or gels on the market, the popularity of this product has grown by leaps and bounds.

Female libido gels are preferred over other female enhancement products because they do not cause any nasty side effects like some pharmaceuticals do.

You might have seen an advertisement for this product as an effective way to increase the female libido.

The great thing about it is that it is easy to carry since it comes in a tube.

Aloe veraA good female enhancement gel is formulated for women with chemical sensitivity. Thus, it is recommended to use gels that are composed of natural ingredients.

Some of the safe ingredients that can quickly put you in the mood for lovemaking are aloe vera extract, L-arginine and cocoa butter. These ingredients provide an extra sensation boost to the female genital organs.

Gels with no artificial colouring or chemicals are the best option for health-conscious women. One of the widely used female sexual enhancement gels is HerSolution. A large number of women using this natural female enhancement gel find it very effective and unique.

What Else Can You Do Besides Using a Female Enhancement Gel?

Using a female sexual enhancement gel is one of the safest ways to increase your sexual libido. You should also incorporate other techniques to maintain a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner. Read on to learn about 3 time-tested and easy methods to boost libido in women.

  • Physical fitnessHealthy Living: Your physical fitness and sexual health are interrelated.
    Regular exercise helps to keep the digestive and blood circulation systems in check and helps you to feel better and calmer.
    Breathing exercises such as pranayama and yogic asanas also work to unclutter a stressed mind.
    Along with an effective exercise regimen, eating nutritious and healthy foods is also highly essential.Foods such as vegetables, salads, whole grains and fibrous foods impart vital nutrients to your body.
    Sound sleep and rest are also necessary for repair and rejuvenation of your tired body.
    It is important to note that a stressed mind is one of the major factors in loss of libido in most women. You should prioritize your life so that all the important things fall in the right place.
  • Aphrodisiac Foods: You may not be aware, but nature has provided us with medicines for each and every ailment. There are some effective natural libido enhancers, also referred to as aphrodisiacs, which can help you become interested in sexual intimacy with your partner.
    A few of the popular and effective aphrodisiac foods are mangoes, peaches, almonds, avocadoes, celery, bananas, oysters, figs, wine, chilli peppers, asparagus, vanilla and your all-time favourite – dark chocolate. Including some of these foods in your daily diet and using a female enhancement gel will undoubtedly help you feel young again.
  • Stress-free RelationshipStress-free Relationship: Most people don’t agree, but a sour relationship gradually kills the sexual enthusiasm that partners once shared.
    Sourness also magnifies frustration in a relationship, especially because the husband feels unsatisfied when his physical needs are not met.
    If you and your partner are not getting along well, it’s time to do something to make your bond stress-free.
    Improve your communication with your spouse and try to sort out your differences. If the situation gets worse, it is better to seek the help of a counsellor.

Women struggling with female libido issues find it rather difficult to indulge in lovemaking. But, you will be pleased to learn that you are not alone in going through this phase as it is a common issue for many women.

Many times women totally dedicate themselves to other areas of life and are left with no time to spend time with their husband. It’s time that you use a female enhancement gel from HerSolution to rekindle your sex life.

Along with this, devote some quality time to your partner in discussions related to each other’s issues. You should also try various ways to display your affection such as a nice hug or a kiss in order to develop a deep bonding.