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Medication to Increase Female Libido: Natural Ways Work

10 years ago 5 minute read

There are many women all throughout the United States that are suffering in a lack of female libido. This problem is quite common nowadays because of the busy lifestyle and other factors that women have to face.

For those women who are facing a lack in sexual desire, the situation could cause worry and even frustration.

But, stressing about the problem will not help out and could possibly worsen the problem.

In this article, learn about what medication to use to increase female libido.

Since there are several female libido drugs out in the market today, it could be a drag trying out different types of products since you may not know about their positive and negative effects.

Before we talk about medication for female libido, let us first understand the reasons why there might be a decrease in sexual drive for females. This will help you comprehend further about your current situation or the situation of someone you know.

What Happens When Female’s Lack Libido?

If you are not familiar with what “libido” is, what it basically means is sexual desire. It is a person’s overall sexual drive for sexual activity. That is the easiest way of understanding what libido is for both men and women.

Sex drive depends on certain factors such as social, biological and psychological aspects in a person’s life. For social factors that means work life, family and personal life.

LibidoWith biological, that means the hormones in the body (for women it is estrogen and for men testosterone) and with psychological factors that includes stress and a person’s personality.

What are the factors that may affect a woman’s libido?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to the decrease of a female’s sex drive. Since they are affected by biological, psychological and social aspects in life, the following are the factors that further elaborate this condition:

For Psychological Factors This May Include:

  • lack of interest in significant other which may decrease the attraction
  • fatigue
  • excessive levels of stress
  • busy lifestyle
  • depression
  • Sexual assault or trauma
  • neglect of significant other
  • issues in body image
  • anxiety in engaging in sexual activities

Biological Factors May Include:

  • imbalances with hormones due to certain medical conditions, medical treatments, certain medications and other factors

Physical factors of decreased in sexual drive for women are:

  • Cigarette smokingIssues with the thyroid gland such as hypothyroidism
  • effects of prescription medications that help treat other medical illnesses
  • poor nutritional habits
  • lack of physical activity in a person’s lives
  • inadequate sleeping hours
  • abuse of alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs
  • anemia (loss of iron due to a woman’s period)
  • use of certain medications such as hormonal contraception, anti-depressants, SSRIs, opiods, beta-blockers and anti-psychotics

What Medication To Use To Increase Female Libido?

When we bring up the topic about medications for female libido, there are several drug names that come to mind. The pharmaceutical industry has been making millions and even billions of dollars to formulate, produce and sell drugs that help in treating decreased sex drive in women and men.

DrugsAlthough there are many products that have the goal to help in a female’s sex drive, there are still many women that are skeptical in what drugs really do work safely and effectively. An example of a female libido drug that did not do too well was Intrinsa.

Back in 2004, the FDA gave its approval for Intrinsa which is a testosterone patch that could be used as medicine to increase libido in women.

It gave off the same results as Viagra did for men and claimed to change sexual health for many women.

After a few years, the FDA advisory panel say Intrinsa caused many problems for its users and its safety and effectiveness came into question. It was then pulled out from the market for certain causes.

What To Do If You Noticed a Decrease In Your Sex Drive?

The first thing to do when you notice this problem is to talk to your health care professional.

The reason for that is because they are the people that have knowledge about medical conditions like such and also the natural remedies and medication for female libido.

Ask them all questions that you have in mind so that you can get professional medical advice from a person who is highly qualified. Ask them about what herbs you could try out to possibly help out your decrease in libido and also medicine to increase libido in women.

Try Out HerSolution® As a Female Libido Drug

HerSolution® is a doctor recommended medication for female libido. It has been scientifically formulated for those women who want to help treat their sexual desire and increase their libido.Hersolution

It actually contains all-natural nutrients, herbs and aphrodisiacs that work towards that goal for women.

Some female libido medication may be a bit complicated to remember intake. An advantage of taking HerSolution® is that women only have to take it once a day for around 2 months or so to see its maximum effects.

This supplement is known to correct different imbalances in the female body which could help improve the desire for sex.

What Else Could be Done to Help in Increasing Female Libido?

Besides natural herbs and medication for female libido, you could also try out improving your lifestyle. The first step is to realize how you live your life.

For instance, if you find that your eating habits are not proper, try to correct that problem.

ExerciseRemove excessive fast food trips and eating processed foods and other unhealthy habits when it comes to your diet.

As for exercise and sleeping habits, try to get in at least 3x of physical activity in your week and get at least 8 hours of sleep daily.

If you have tried out other natural means to help improve your sex drive, you could opt to medication to increase female libido also.

Ask your doctor about what the safe and effective medications are so that you have a good idea of what you could start taking.