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Female Libido Loss: Don’t Blame Your Hormones

9 years ago 7 minute read

A lack of sex drive in women is commonly believed to be caused by imbalance or changes in hormones. Some women think this is a normal physical attribute, which can be quickly cured by some miracle drug and therefore opt to ignore it for the meantime. However, there is danger in choosing to ignore these symptoms early on.

A lack of libido is not only caused by hormonal changes. It has far more root causes, from physical to emotional health of women. Ignoring it can lead to “hypoactive sexual desire disorder,” a disorder in women where the desire for sex is too low and the chances of getting turned on is microscopic.

Studies have shown that women produce a small amount of testosterone, which is responsible for the increase in sex drive. Women who experience low sex drives are given doses of testosterone to address this, but they are mainly just short term solutions, unless they are done regularly.

So, what really causes libido loss in women? Identifying the cause can greatly help in curing it. Loss in sexual appetite can affect a relationship immensely, which can lead to broken relationships and marriages. As early as now, you should identify what causes your libido to dampen. Here are seven conditions that studies have proven to cause a big hole in women’s sex drive:

1. Your Emotional Health And Well-Being

Women who are emotionally happier in their relationships have higher sex drives than those who are in stressful relationships, studies show.

Simply put, if a woman inspired by her partner, the performance she shows is remarkable, all aspects included.

A happy and emotionally healthy woman can produce an abundant supply of estrogen, which can increase the libido immensely. If you are unhappy, or going through a rough patch, this can affect your sex drive, because the problems surrounding you will be constantly on your mind, disallowing any intimate thoughts to penetrate your mind.

This can be easily addressed. Work out your issues and causes of stress and balance them out, so they are not constantly on your mind. Take a vacation, take yoga classes, relax your body and mind to keep your healthy emotional well-being.

2. Confidence In Yourself And Your Body

InsecureYou have to admit that there are moments when you are simply insecure with your body, as fit as you may be.

This is caused by many factors like low self esteem, previous negative sexual experiences, or being overweight.

Low confidence in yourself can affect your sex drive hugely. Though you may think that – no, that’s not true – the truth is, low self esteem can have a domino effect to your sex life.

How, you ask? Low self esteem will make you shy in communicating your sexual needs to your partner, or not having the confidence to initiate sex. Low self confidence will make you lose appetite to sex because of the corrupted knowledge that you might not satisfy your partner. So instead of initiating sex, you opt to just not do it because of fear that you might fail in this part of your relationship.

You can easily address that, though. Self confidence and self esteem are psychological aspects that you can easily boost up through pep talk and encouragement, which is something that you can do to yourself. Encourage yourself to be confident in bed, speak up for what you want and need to feel. If your partner wants to satisfy you, which presumably he really does, he will work with you in turning you on and getting you there.

3. Stress Can Get The Best Of You

Photo by anna gutermuth / CC BY

Yes, stress is a cause of libido loss. Just like a negative emotions, stress can dampen your desire for sex because your thoughts mainly focus on the things that you stress about instead of getting turned on.

Some women are neat freaks and a little disorder can stress them out. Other women are stressed with their jobs, family life, the kids and other inclinations that are somehow justifiable to be stressed about.

But because of these factors, sex is pushed to the bottom of their priorities. If you fall under this category, then you might need to re-evaluate the stuff that you stress over. Every stressful situation can be methodically polished and that is something that you can do to avoid stress.
Less stress would mean more time for relaxing, intimate thoughts and higher sex drives.

4. Menopause Messes With Your Sex Drive

MenopauseThis is probably the only condition pertaining to actual, physical hormone changes in women that can cause loss of sexual appetite.

The scientific explanation is that women have a small quantity of testosterone produced by their body. After menopausal, the testosterone production is halted, thus paving way to the decrease in sex drive.

Menopause is an inevitable stage for women. So, treating the loss of libido can only be addressed on other ways. Of course, it is strongly advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the menopause stage can have fewer complications. As for the libido and sex drive, other attributes such as emotional and psychological well-beings should be in check to maintain the desire for sex.

5. Under Medication

MedicationHypertension and depression can cause a low desire for sex and intimacy. This is because of the physical aspects that your body goes through due to these conditions.

Hypertension and depression can cause discomforts that can kill your sex drive. At the same time, if you are under medication to treat these conditions, it can also affect your desire for sex because of some medical side effects.

If you are under medication on anti-hypertensive or anti-depressants, this may cause a change in your desire for sex. The medications can have contents that can have side effects such as reduce your sex drive. Although these medications may sometimes be unavoidable, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating the right diet can help improve your physical well-being, paving way to a decrease in use of such medications.

6. Lifestyle Habits

Cigarette smokingToday’s many lifestyle diseases are caused by vices that we sometimes overdo, and this is the reason why there are many unhealthy individuals, despite the healthy diet.

Alcohol may fuel the desire, even if only a little amount is induced. Being tipsy during sex can make it more intense.

However, too much alcohol may not only make you drunk and helpless to move on to that moment, it can also have long term effects on your health, if you overdo it on a regular basis. Health problems caused by too much alcohol can cause loss of sexual desire. At the same time, if you are always drunk, you can become haggard and stressed.

Cigarette smoking is proven to be unhealthy for your body in many ways. Yes, libido included. Too much smoking can make the body deteriorate and unhealthy, leading to a decrease in sexual desire. Cigarette smoking interferes with blood flow, which can adversely affect your sexual desire.

7. Relationship Problems With Your Partner

Relationship Problems
Photo by Vic / CC BY

This is probably the most important aspect in boosting your libido – your desire for your partner.

Your partner plays a key role in turning you on and making you sexually active. Thus, if you are incompatible with your partner either physically or emotionally, it can cause sexual desire problems.

A lack of connection with your partner. Sure, you may have sex, but is it satisfying in a way that you want to do it again and again? An intimate connection is important in every relationship, so much more so in a sexual relationship. Without a connection, it’s just one dry hump-fest that lasts for five minutes or less.

Relationship conflicts that are unresolved can be a big factor in affecting your desire to have sex with your partner. Resolve that conflict, and do it fast. Who doesn’t love a good, old make up sex, right? Plus, a happy and problem-free relationship can keep the fire burning. Don’t hang on to anger and resentment. Journaling can help with this.

JournalingPoor communication about your sexual needs. This is also in connection with your self-esteem. Generally, not all women are vocal with what they want and need in bed, expecting their partners to just know. If undelivered, they blame it on a negative sexual experience. Letting your partner know what you want and how you want to be touched can help bring you to the edge and make you crave that sensation always.

A woman’s interest in sex differs and is generally complicated – as gender discriminately as that sounds.

You have to admit that being turned on takes more than just a rush of blood, unlike in men. Add to that is the fact that there is no proven medication to increase female libido, at least as of the moment.

Your libido is not non-existent. It’s there, waiting to be awakened from a deep slumber. You only need to know what made it fall asleep. Being healthy and active physically, emotionally and psychologically can keep your libido in check and fuel your sexual desire at any given time.