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How To Boost Female Libido: 6 Surprising Remedies

10 years ago 5 minute read

Calm down and relax, since many women experience a decline in their sex drive or libido. This can be the result of several factors and issues.

The state of your physical as well as mental health works to determine your sexual urges.

Woman who are mentally stressed often lose their desire to engage in sexual activities.

Not only this, problems between partners and marital disharmony can also put sex on the backseat. After a breakup, women are emotionally weak and do not like to have sex.

If you are a woman facing a similar situation and are wondering how to boost female libido, stop stressing. There are plenty of methods that you can incorporate into your life in order to make it more active physically and sexually.However, prior to this you should learn the different stages of sexual arousal in women. This will help you connect more to yourself and provide you with more wisdom on how to boost female libido fast.

What Are The Different Stages Of Sexual Arousal In Women?

During sexual intimacy, women experience various stages of physical arousal. Studies show that there are four stages of sexual response in women. These four stages can be explained as below:

  • Stage One: Arousal

ArousalWhen a woman is sexually aroused, many physical changes occur in her body.The flow of blood towards the genital organs increases, which dilates the blood vessels in her genitals.The increased flow of blood in the vaginal walls also causes the movement of fluid through them.This in turn makes the vagina lubricated and wet. The external genitals become swollen because of the increased supply of blood.

The top of the vagina also expands. Other physical signs include fast breathing and a quicker pulse with an increase in blood pressure. Because of her dilated blood vessels, she may experience flushing on the chest and neck.

  • Stage Two: Plateau

PlateauThe blood flow increases deep inside the vagina and causes the lower area of the vagina to become engorged and firm. This condition is called introitus, also referred to as orgasmic platform because of the rhythmic contractions experienced during orgasm.

During this stage, the breasts also undergo changes and increase in size by 25 percent. The increased flow of blood towards the breasts and nipples makes them look erect. As the women nears orgasm, the clitoris appears to disappear. At this stage, women require continuous stimulation in order to maintain sexual arousal and reach orgasm.

OrgasmThe sexual pleasure that was built up in earlier stages is finally released and causes orgasm. It is a stage which is characterized by the contraction of the genital muscles. It is interesting to note that most women may experience another orgasm after being sexually triggered again.

Another important fact is that not all women experience orgasm every time they engage in sexual activities.

Most women require intense foreplay that involves stimulating the clitoris and stroking in sexual zones in order to have an orgasm.

  • Stage Four: Resolution

ResolutionThis is the phase during which a woman recovers after orgasm. The physical changes that took place return to normal, including a reduction in swelling and normal breathing and pulse.

Changes in a woman’s hormone levels may alter her sex drive significantly. Research shows that the hormone testosterone impacts women’s sex lives to cause sexual dysfunction. Due to the complex changes occurring in the body, women don’t experience sexual arousal even when their partner engages in foreplay.

If you really want to know actual ways on how to boost female libido, keep reading!

6 Effective Ways On How To Boost Female Libido

Boost Female LibidoIf you have tried several methods of how to boost female libido, you will agree that most of them just don’t work. This is mainly because each woman is different and needs specific treatment to see improved results.

As you read below, you will find numerous tips on how to boost libido in women safely and effectively. You can try a few of them together to have sure fire results.

  • Find a Natural Female Libido Booster Supplement: Many women have reported a substantial increase in their sex drive after taking a natural libido booster for women such as HerSolution supplements. This supplement works to increase vaginal lubrication and increase sensitivity to touch.
  • SupplementUse a Vaginal Lubricant: Vaginal dryness and a burning sensation on your vagina may put you off during sexual intimacy with your partner.You can use a vaginal lubricating gel to provide slipperiness, which is important for sexually arousing a woman and her partner. If you already have adequate amounts of natural lubrication, extra gel will stimulate you even more.
  • Explore Your Body Sexually: It might sound difficult for some women, but self-stimulation is an excellent way to understand your body and the types of stimulation you find sexually arousing.
  • Prioritize Your Life: Moderate exercise and a healthy diet can help to maintain a good sex drive in women. Women who are on a low-fat diet can suffer from low energy, fatigue, stress and low libido.
    Moreover, a diet with very low amounts of fat can be problematic since fats are needed for the formation of sex hormones such as testosterone, which is essential for stimulating the sex drive.
  • Consult Your GynaecologistPerform Kegels: Kegel exercise is one of the effective female sex drive booster techniques. It helps to strengthen the PC muscles and can improve sensation and sex drive in women.
  • Consult Your Gynaecologist: Your doctor can test for and cure the underlying illness or other psychological causes of lack of libido. If you are administered medication, make sure to find out about the possible side effects, if any. There are effective medicines that can have fewer side effects.

These are some of the ways on how to boost sex drive in women that you can start using immediately for quick results.

The Last Few Words!

Many women all over the world look for answers regarding how to boost female libido, but they fail to understand that the type of relationship they share with their partner has a significant impact on their sexual satisfaction.

If your marriage is going through a rough phase and affecting your sex life negatively, there is no harm in seeking counselling from a couples counsellor or sex therapist.