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Increase Female Libido After Menopause in 8 Easy Steps

10 years ago 4 minute read

All women will have to go through this stage: menopause. A lot of women dread this because of the issues associated. But one of the biggest concerns is the low sex drive. While 50 may not be the new 30, there are many ways in increasing libido in menopausal women.

Here are things you should know about sex after menopause and how to increase female libido after menopause.

What Happens in Menopause?

Menopause is the stage where women experience a drop in estrogen and progesterone hormones. One of the biggest changes that come with menopause is sex. Here are some of the sexual issues in menopause that are faced by a lot of women during this stage.

  1. Loss of libido This is one of the many concerns of women in menopausal and post-menopausal stage. Because of the decrease in hormone levels, most women think that sex and menopause cannot co-exist with each other.
  2. Impaired Sexual Functioning – Sex after menopause may not be enjoyable for most women. There is a decreased pleasure, difficulty in having orgasm and less sensitivity when touched in erogenous zones.
  3. Vaginal Dryness – During and after menopause, the vaginal lining becomes thinner and dryer. As a result, most women experience pain during penetration.

Aside from the changes in the level of hormones, issues such as stress, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, health-related issues, and mood swings can affect the mood for sex.

8 Techniques on How to Increase Female Libido After Menopause.

Sexual Techniques

The good news is you can solve your sexual issues in menopause. To help you address your lack of libido, here are tips that can increase female libido after menopause.

  1. Use Enough Lubrication –  estrogen creamVaginal dryness is the easiest issue to fix when you have sexual difficulties. This can be done by using lubricants or estrogen creams and applying in your area.It will help reduce any pain caused by friction and make sex more pleasurable. You can try the HerSolution Gel which comes in free when you order HerSolution pills.
  2. Try Relaxation Techniques – One cause of lack of libido is stress and anxiety. Therefore try relaxation methods such as exercise, listening to music or watching television to release your mind from stress. This can also improve your libido too.
  3. It Doesn’t Have to Be All About Sex – When you’re in your 50s, you can still heighten up your sexuality and be intimate with your partner even if there is no intercourse involved. Practice non-coital behaviour such as sensual message or even cuddling. This can provide comfort and encourage communication with your partner.
  4. Enhance Stimulation – Make use of erotic materials such as videos and books and use it as a guide to stimulate yourself. Learning masturbation techniques even if you’re in your 50s can also help. Also, a change in positions in bed can improve physical intimacy with your partner.

Non-sexual Techniques

There are also other, non-sexual ways that can improve sex after menopause such as:

  1. Educate Yourself – Menopause, hormones and the like can be confusing. By learning about anatomy, sex drive and the changes associated with it, you will better understand your condition and know how to address it properly.
  2. Check Your Health History and Medications – Check Your Health HistoryAside from the significant drop of hormone levels, there are certain drugs and illnesses that can affect the sex drive of women. Blood pressure medications or anti-depressant drugs can result to low libido. If you are taking any, ask your doctor about alternatives.
  3. Treat Yourself – There’s nothing wrong with splurging for yourself once in a while. Get a massage, buy a new book or a pair of shoes, watch your favourite movie or do something you really love. You won’t notice it but removing the stress and getting in the right mindset can do wonders. And it affects your libido too.
  4. Communicate With Your Partner – Tell him about your pain, discomfort or any issues relating to sex. This way, he will understand what you’re going through and help you feel better and more comfortable. Keep in mind that an open dialogue with your partner is important to strengthen the relationship.

HerSolutionAside from all these tips, there is one product that can help increase your female libido after menopause: HerSolution.

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And the best part? It has no unpleasant side effects and gives you the results you need after a few days of using the pill. Even if you’re in your 50s, this will definitely bring back your sex life after menopause as if you’re in your 20s.