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Lack of Sex Drive in Women: Are Hormones to Blame?

10 years ago 5 minute read

It’s natural! It happens with many of us – lack of sex drive in women.

As a woman gets older, her body starts to change and she loses the interest she once had in sex. A loss of female libido with increasing age is a natural occurrence.

Most women cope with the changes, while others try ways and means to restore their lost interest.

However, it is very frustrating when young women experience low libido. They often wonder if their hormones are to blame.

If you are also looking for a reason for your lack of sexual drive before menopause, here is the answer. But first, let’s have an overview of orgasm and its health benefits.

What Is Orgasm?

Most women are still embarrassed to talk about orgasm and the experience that follows it. It has been one of the most interesting areas for researchers to study.

Numerous studies have been done to understand what goes on in a woman’s body and brain during orgasm.

Health Benefits of Orgasm

  • Calmness: It has been discovered that orgasm causes a sudden rush of blood to the head, which helps women to calm down
  • Stress Buster: Orgasm also works as a stress buster to ease symptoms of depression and reduce pain.
  • Longevity: Some studies indicate that greater the frequency of orgasms, the longer you live.

The statistics indicate that only 33 percent of women experience orgasm, while there are a few who have never experienced it.

Unable to become arousedExperts have formulated several female libido enhancers in order to stimulate sexual arousal in females.

However, the question still remains as to why most women are unable to become aroused. Here is what experts have revealed:

The Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Women

There can be thousands of causes of low sex drive in women, but the underlying reason boils down to a single theory that relates to hormonal imbalance.

It has been found that a woman’s ovaries produce large amounts of the female sex hormones such as progesterone and estrogen.The ovaries also produce small amounts of the male hormones such as androstenedione and testosterone. A change in the sex hormones usually causes a loss of female libido.

Below, you will find some of the important causes that trigger lack of sex drive in women.

Contraceptive PillsContraceptive Pills

A study was carried out that compared women using birth control pills with women using non-hormonal contraception such as condoms.The results revealed that most of the women using the pill experienced fewer orgasms and a lower level of sexual arousal than those who used condoms.

High Expectations In A Relationship

Many doctors trying to deal with loss of libido in females believe that hidden resentment towards the partner has a great impact on the sex drive.

Closer examination of the relationship between partners can expose stress, anger, frustration and weakness.

If a woman is unhappy with her partner for any reason, including her partner not being able to satisfy her, it is not surprising that she does not feel like becoming aroused with him. Therefore, she gradually loses interest in sex.

Lack of sex driveAddressing this type of condition requires effort from both partners, and the lack of sex drive in women caused by a strained relationship cannot be blamed on hormones entirely. Relationship therapy, counselling, advice of close friends and sex therapy go a long way in improving the lack of sex drive in women.

Childbirth and Lack of Libido in Women

Doctors recommend that women abstain from sex for at least six weeks after the birth of a child. This is important in order to restore the health of the recovering mother.

However, reports show that lack of sex drive in women continues for several months after that. This is mostly due to several factors such as stress, anxiety, depression and poor nutrition.

It is also because the new mother becomes attached to her child and doesn’t spend as much time with her partner, especially romantically. Undoubtedly, this is natural because a new-born baby needs attention.

ChildbirthThis also helps to prevent future pregnancy so that the new baby won’t have other siblings to share his mother’s love.

In most cases, it was found that women come back to their partners sexually after they get used to being a mother and grow stronger and less fatigued.

Most experts believe that the hormones change after childbirth and this is the reason for loss of libido in women.

However, if you find you are avoiding sex for more than a few months after delivery, it’s time to consult your gynaecologist.

According to doctors, post-natal depression and lack of sex drive in women can be best treated by counselling and anti-depressants.

Termination Of Pregnancy (Abortion) and Lack Of Female Libido

GuiltIs lack of sexual desire after a termination of pregnancy caused by hormonal changes? Yes, certainly. The havoc caused to your body by altering the hormones affects your urge to have sex.

The termination act itself is so sensitive that it causes all sorts of hormonal changes in a woman. The lack of desire for sex after termination is also attributed to guilt and grief experienced by the affected woman.

You may find several women suffering from depression and loss of sex drive after a termination. Only treatment and the chance of getting pregnant again with a new life help to revive their lost vigour.

No Sexual Drive After A Miscarriage

Similar to termination of pregnancy, miscarriage also has a strong physiological impact on women. The fact that she has lost her baby is a major cause of stress that inhibits her sexual desire.

PartnerThe alteration of hormones also plays its role in diminishing the sex drive of a woman.

According to doctors, it is very normal to feel low after a miscarriage and is perhaps one of the major reasons for losing the sex drive.

With the help of counselling sessions and feeling loved by your family and partner, women can come out of the depression.

Finally, What’s The Outcome?

So, is lack of sex drive in women a hormonal issue?

In most cases, yes it is! Hormones are an integral part of your body and they help to control various functions, including sex. A slight imbalance in sex hormones can drastically alter the sex drive in individuals.