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Low Libido in Women: 4 Reasons to Blame It on High Blood Pressure   

9 years ago 8 minute read

Scientists have been studying blood pressure for years. Studies have proven that men with high blood pressure face sexual issues, such as low libido and sexual dysfunction. However, scientists are beginning to tread new water as they look into the effects of high blood pressure on a woman’s libido.

At the meeting of the American Society of Hypertension in 2006, scientists revealed their latest findings. In a study of over 400 sexually active women, the research acknowledged the effects of high blood pressure on a woman’s sex drive.

The findings affirmed that women ages 30 to 60 who have high blood pressure are twice as likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction when compared to their normal blood pressure counterparts. Furthermore, as the age of the woman and the duration of the high blood pressure increases, so does the sexual dysfunction.

Women ages 30 to 60The American Heart Association claims that of the 65 million Americans afflicted with high blood pressure, nearly half of these people are women.

According to the AHA, a blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg or higher is categorized as high. If high blood pressure is directly related to low libido, then it is of the utmost importance to figure out. This is because low libido is a leading cause of low quality of life.

4 Reasons to Blame It On Your High Blood Pressure

Who would want to suffer from a low libido? All humans instinctually crave sex and have plenty of sexual desire. There are ways to combat both high blood pressure and a low libido. Let’s first talk about why high blood pressure affects your sex drive. In a way, fixing the causes of high blood pressure will also help solve the libido issue.

Unsure of what we mean? Below we have compiled facts about the relationship between blood pressure and sexual functioning.

1. Without Blood Flow, You Simply Can’t Go

ClitorisAdequate blood flow is pivotal in order to experience the best parts of sex. Still not sure what we mean? Let’s break it down. In order to orgasm, a woman’s body needs adequate blood supply and flow from the clitoris and vagina.

Without this flow and supply, it is not easy to stimulate the clitoris. Without a stimulated clitoris, no one will enjoy themselves. Trust us.

Once a woman has a better blood flow circulating, then her sexual functioning will improve. Not only will the functioning improve, but the desire will come back, as well. It is scientifically proven that once we have more sex, we crave it. This is why so many people can function without it for so long.

Be careful, though. Your doctor may recommend medication to help fix your blood pressure, and that might not be the solution you were looking for. Want to know the right solution? Here it is.

2. It Might Be The Medication

Studies are beginning to prove that many medications used to help treat high blood pressure are also the cause of low sex drive. While this is a bit of a catch 22, it is also the truth.

MedicationIn these conducted studies, women who decided to use prescriptions to treat their high blood pressure were more likely to experience sexual dysfunction, especially if they did not reach their target goal for blood pressure.

This is to be compared to women who did not take medication. However, women who controlled their blood pressure levels experienced less sexual dysfunction. These findings are regardless of whether they took medication or not,

If you are taking blood pressure medication, then it is worth bringing up the side effects to your doctor. Perhaps, you can use some of our tips to lower your high blood pressure without the medication, and then both the blood pressure and the medication will not be a problem. Some may opt out of medication, but, there is one thing that no one can lack and still function well. The following deprivation causes not only high blood pressure, but low libido, as well.

3. Walking Zombies With High Blood Pressure And Low Libido

Lack of sleep
Photo by Alyssa L. Miller / CC BY

Sometimes it is difficult to receive the adequate night’s sleep every single night. With the constant hustle and bustle, some adults are lucky to even get a few good hours of sleep per night. However, this fatigue is not only causing high blood pressure, but low libido, as well.

Scientists do not have a concrete explanation yet.However, they are beginning to find that sleeping less than five hours per night increases a person’s risk of having high blood pressure. There is also a suspected risk of high blood pressure for those who only sleep between five and six hours per night.

If you want to prevent or combat your high blood pressure, then make sure you are sleeping enough. Not only does a walking zombie have an increased risk of high blood pressure, but they also do not have any quality sex, as well. As if there are not enough reasons in this relationship of high blood pressure and sex, this lack of sleep can in turn cause stress and anxiety. Can you guess what stress and anxiety causes? That’s right. High blood pressure.

4. Your Stress Might Not Be Best For Sex

Photo by CollegeDegrees360 / CC BY-SA

Stress and anxiety are directly related to high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes both men and women to feel incredibly stressed and anxious.

This stress and anxiety manifests differently in both men and women, and from woman to woman as well. However, this stress typically causes men to not be able to perform sexually, and women generally desire sex less often.

It is difficult to have awesomet sex when you are not longing for it in the first place. Combating stress and anxiety will not only help decrease blood pressure, but also increase libido. Clearly, high blood pressure and low libido have a close relationship. Helping alleviate high blood pressure will help to better your sex drive. So, let’s talk about some ways to combat your high blood pressure.

Important Tips To Combat High Blood Pressure Without Medication

We have touched upon the fact that blood pressure medication can only cause worse sexual dysfunction.So, let’s explore some natural yet effective ways to improve your high blood pressure.

  • Eat Healthy

Eat HealthyIt is no secret that healthy eating causes a healthier body. Food that is high in saturated fat and cholesterol only works to clog arteries and decrease circulation. This allows for high blood pressure; hence, the first step is to watch what you eat.

Consciously select colorful foods throughout the day. Make certain that you are constantly eating something green, something colorful and vibrant, and something brown.

Typically, the brown food will be rich in protein and the green food will provide you the vitamins and nutrients you need. Also, the fruit will below in sugar, yet provide water and vitamins as well.

A slight adjustment can work wonders in the beginning. Incorporating some vegetables and fruit into your diet slowly ensures that you will keep up with the habit, and also you will have a better chance of enjoying it.

  • Eliminate Salt

SaltIn addition to adding vegetables, fruits, and healthy proteins in to your diet, it is also significant to eliminate some things, as well. Cutting out all salt in your diet can help to lower blood pressure.

Salt encourages the body to retain water. Eating too much salt causes a buildup of sodium within the body. This can increase your blood pressure. Salt also prohibits most blood pressure medications from working correctly. Consequently, it might even be cancelling out any positive effects of your medicine, as well.

  • Limit Alcohol And Smoking

It is also advisable to limit alcohol consumption and smoking. It is no secret that drinking and smoking affects your cardiovascular health. Both of these habits increase the risk of high blood pressure, or hypertension, as well as cardiovascular disease. Do your best to kick both of these habits. It will work wonders for both your blood pressure and your sex drive.

  • Shake Your Body

WalkingEnsuring that you keep your body moving will also help improve cardiovascular health. Eating properly and exercising also encourages a healthy body weight, which is yet another way to lower high blood pressure.

Start small with a daily walk in the park or walking the neighborhood with your dog. These small steps can eventually turn into something much larger.

It is essential that you do not push your body too hard, too quickly. Your muscles need recovery time. And if you are too sore or over-worked, then you will not only pull a muscle, but also discourage yourself from continuing with exercise in the future.

Additional Ways To Combat Low Libido

Did you know that more woman suffer from sexual dysfunction than men? Female sexual dysfunction is a continuous decrease in sex drive, sexual arousal, trouble in or the inability to have an orgasm, and pain during sexual intercourse.

SupplementDue to this definition, nearly 43 percent of all women surveyed experience sexual dysfunction, as compared to only 31 percent of men.

Any woman who has tried to lower her blood pressure, or who has healthy blood pressure already, might feel at a loss for the cause of her low sex drive. There is no shame in consulting a healthy, natural supplement to help boost libido. Reliable companies, such as have built a solid reputation helping women find their sex drives again.

No one should ever suffer from a low libido or lack of a sex life. Find a new and improved healthy you, and you are sure to improve your sex life, as well.