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8 Solid Facts on The Unstable Female Sex Drive

8 years ago 8 minute read

Everyone always assumes that women are more complicated than men. Is there any truth to this claim? Perhaps, in some aspects of life, women tend to be a little more high maintenance than the average Joe. Accurately speaking of course, women spend more time worrying about their appearance and so on, but what about sex? Are women more high maintenance when it comes to their sex drives?

The answer is yes. The truth of the matter is that guys will more than likely always be down to get down, whereas women need a little more coercion. What exactly do women need, though? Here is a compilation of female sex drive facts to teach you about your sex, or your partner’s, sex drive.

1. It Takes Time

ForeplayHave you ever noticed that guys can be ready to have sex almost immediately? Quite rarely is a woman just ready to drop her pants and have at it. Instead, women like a little foreplay and time spent elsewhere before diving on in.

There is actually a solid fact behind this observation. Women take time to warm up. Whereas men are attracted to visuals and abruptly turned on, women take more time for a physical response.

If you want an analogy, then think of a man’s sex drive as a microwave. Microwaves are quite easy to turn on. There is hardly any time spent waiting on a microwave, and you can enjoy the food immediately. A woman, however, is an oven. Ovens need to preheat before they are even ready to begin cooking food. While an oven takes longer to bake and cook, both devices create delicious meals. Yes, the meal in this case is sex.

Instead of penetrating right away, spend time tantalizing and teasing one another. Foreplay helps most women rev up their sexual engines, and that is a fact.

2. Hormones Aren’t The Only Culprit

TestosteroneAnother fact behind the female sex drive is that there are more than hormones involved. For decades, scientists have laid claim to the fact that testosterone controls libido.

This would make sense, since women do not have as much testosterone present in their systems as men, and as women age, their levels of testosterone drop.

However, more recently scientists have started to discover other factors involving a woman’s sexual drive. Researchers studied couples for quite some time. Women who were in happy, satisfying relationships reported the urge for sex, much more than women who were unhappy. Whether the woman was emotionally dissatisfied with her relationship or something else, body consciousness for example, this negatively affected her bedroom desires.

HappyWomen are just as emotionally aroused for sex as they are hormonally. While testosterone does play a role in sex drive, it is pretty minimal. The emotional factors weigh in quite heavily than any hormonal influence. In order to achieve a fully satisfying sex life, make sure you are truly happy first. Only when you are content with your life can you enjoy a more sensual lifestyle with your partner.

There are plenty of healthy ways to naturally boost your libido, just research at to learn more about the natural lubricant. Lubricants can help to make your sack sessions more sizzling. However, be sure to speak with your doctor before trying any new product. Your doctor can check your allergies, medical history, and medical needs, and then recommend the right treatment method for you.

While many believe that women are not as sexual as men, this might not entirely be the case.

3. Women Are Turned On By Much More

More and more women are beginning to admit to their lust and desires from watching porn and sexual media. In fact, a recent study indicated that women are stimulated by a wider variety of content when compared to men.

When surveyed, researchers found that heterosexual sex excites the majority of men. One man, one woman, and some sex toys here and there. On the other hand, women fluctuated across the board. Most women admitted that a variety of content increased their sexual interest, including homosexual sex between both two men and two women, animals having sex, and much more. This discovery is somewhat shocking to those who believe men contain the strongest lust between the sexes.

Sex toysFrom this study, the social construct that says women usually have low libido finally surfaced as a myth. Instead, women are much less likely suited for monogamy, as suggested by this study.

Socially, women are supposed to be the nurturers, the caregivers, and the romantics. The idea that women are turned on by much more than men is quite shocking to many. As a result, many experts claim that this social construct has molded and shaped the female sex drive. Meaning, because it is not socially acceptable for a woman to be sexual, women therefore have repressed their sexual desires.

In addition to being more sexually aroused, women are also likely to change and adapt their sexual ways.

4. The Female Sex Drive And Attitude Changes

LesbiansWomen are more sexually adaptable compared to men. For example, studies prove that lesbians are likely to have a romp around with a man as opposed to gay men with a woman. Women’s sexual attitudes change and fluctuate more than men’s do.

In addition to this study, there was another study that paired the attitudes toward sex for people who came of age before the sexual revolution in the 1960’s. The findings were that women’s attitudes changed considerably more than men’s.

Even on a monthly basis, the female sex drive fluctuates a lot, compared to a man’s. A woman’s sex drive adapts around her menstruation cycle. During their time of the month, women are less aroused as compared to the other weeks of the month.

Truly, women are sexually adaptable beings.

5. Women Want More Than Just Sex

Cuddle after sexIt is no secret that women tend to want more of a connection than the mere physicality offered by sex. The media often pokes fun at the fact that women stereotypically want to cuddle after sex, whereas men are just fine going right to sleep.

In addition, men are ready to have sex much sooner than women. Women enjoy foreplay and building up anticipation of penetration. But why is this?

Women want more than just sex. In a recent survey, women admitted they have sex for the purpose of love and a close connection. In the same survey, more than 60 percent of men claimed to have sex for the physical act. Women want more intimacy and connections, compared to men. Interestingly enough, women’s sex drives are substantially inclined to enjoy and many admit to enjoying masturbation.

6. Women Feel Less Guilty Pleasuring Themselves

Self-pleasureThis fact is one for the record books. Typically, people assume that most men masturbate and are perfectly fine with that fact. When asked, many women either do not masturbate or will not admit to it.

Therefore, people generally assume that men are much more comfortable with their self-pleasure. However, just the opposite is true.

The female sex drive feels no shame or guilt in masturbation. When surveyed, men admitted to feeling guilty about their sexual thoughts, whereas women did not. These sexual thoughts often led to self-pleasure, and women, in general, had no qualms about that.

In addition to feeling no regrets about sex or having a strong sex drive, women’s sex drives also peak at a different age.

7. A Woman’s Sex Drive Peaks Late

Woman's Sex DriveMost men experience their sexual peak around the age of 18. At this age, men are sexually driven, whereas women have not reached that paramount yet. Most women experience their sexual peak at the age of 32.

This means that most women will feel their sexual best later in life. Judging by the most recent United States Census Bureau statistics, the majority of women at this age will be married. Therefore, if you feel as though your libido is still not as high as you would like, give it another year or two to fully mature.

If you feel as though your libido could be a little higher, you can try these next few tips and tricks.

8. Aphrodisiacs Won’t Cut It, But A Little Alcohol Might

That’s right. You’ve probably read the exact opposite when it comes to the female sex drive.

AlcoholTypically, there are foods that you can eat to feel sexier, and alcohol tends to kill sexual functioning. However, the female sex drive works in mysterious ways.

Scientists have recently discovered that there is hardly any element found in food that can increase your sex drive. However, alcohol might come to the rescue if anxiety is affecting your sexual functioning. Whereas excess alcohol inhibits sexual functioning, a drink or two can take the edge off and help you perform more comfortably.

Just keep it to one or two drinks, though. It might sound oxymoronic, but the alcohol could actually help you out in the long run.

MedicationsIf you are experiencing a few hiccups in your sex life, then fear not. In addition to these eight facts about the female libido, there are a few common factors that negatively influence a woman’s libido.

  • Medications: Anti-depressants, anxiety medication, and other pills can prove detrimental for a woman’s sex drive.
  • Stress: Undoubtedly, many adults face quite a bit of stress. The burdens of adulthood bring about many responsibilities and stressors. This stress in turn affects the bedroom.
  • Body Consciousness: Feeling insecure about your body can absolutely undermine your sex drive. If you are not comfortable with your own body, then you are going to have difficulty allowing someone else to enjoy your body.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyles: Excessive alcohol and smoking can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, which ultimately affects your sex drive. Eliminate these unhealthy factors and do your best to exercise and eat healthy foods. This will in turn increase your libido naturally.

The female libido does not need to be so complicated. Women are sexual beings, so enjoy your sexuality and improve your libido today.