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Too Mad for Sex: 8 Magic Menopausal Mood Lifters   

8 years ago 10 minute read

Women have lots of things to deal with throughout their lives. Puberty can be a difficult time for younger ladies, while older women have to endure the struggles of menopause. The changes that arrive at this time of life can seem bizarre and difficult to cope with. It’s no wonder that many women struggle with emotional and mental problems while going through menopause.

MenopauseThe term “menopause” comes from the words “meno” meaning menstruation and “pause” meaning stop. After a woman has her final period, sheenters into menopause and this can happen at a variety of ages.

This process is completely natural and it happens to every woman. The ovaries of women stop producing the female sex hormone known as estrogen during menopause. This is one of the big things that can affect women both physically and mentally.

Studies have shown that women tend to suffer the worst effects of menopause from their early to mid-40’s, up to their late-50’s, and even in the early-60’s. Symptoms can differ from person to person. Some women have much less stress or symptoms during menopause than others. It’s also worth noting that the surgical removal of the ovaries may also induce menopause.

Menopause Symptoms

SweatingStudies show that approximately three-fourth of women will suffer from some form of discomfort during their menopausal years.

There are many different symptoms that can arrive in a wide variety of forms. Some of the most common problems include hot flashes, sweating and vaginal dryness. The vagina can also become smaller and thinner during this time in a woman’s life.

Urinary problems can also occur, along with inflammation of the sexual organs. Pain during intercourse is another widely-reported symptom that most women experience after menopause. Many women lose interest in sex during these years. Some changes can affect the face, skin and hair.

Emotional problems are also common, as it can be hard for women to control their moods throughout the menopausal phase. In addition, the people you love may also suffer from these changes, which may result in producing plenty of stress in many relationships. Long-term issues from a lack of estrogen include high blood pressure and circulatory problems. A woman’s risk of heart disease rises at this time of her life.

Menopause Mood Lifters

As we can see, menopause is a difficult time of life for the majority of women. There are a lot of changes to cope with and they are not pleasant. It might seem like an impossible task, but you can fight back against menopause. Below we will be looking at some effective ways you can ease the effects of this troubling period of your life and regain some control.

1. Cool Down To Ease Your Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common problems associated with menopause. It can be difficult for women to remain comfortable at this time of their lives. The slightest change in temperature can make a huge difference to your body.

To deal with these flashes, follow these tips:

  • Keep yourself hydratedWear multiple layers. You can adjust your body temperature by simply removing a jacket or sweater.
  • Avoid spicy or excessively hot foods. These foods can trigger your flashes.
  • Relax. Breathe slowly and deeply to calm your body and cool your circulatory system.
  • Drink up. Keep yourself hydrated with lots of water.
  • Cool it. Turn down your thermostat as low as possible.
  • Avoid the heat. Stay out of the sun and avoid hot locations, if possible.
  • Get help. Talk to your doctor about lifestyle changes and estrogen supplements to reduce your risk of hot flashes.
  • Be prepared. Invest in various fans to cool you off wherever you go.

2. Follow These Tips To Stay In Control Of Your Moods

Regular exerciseMood swings are common throughout the menopausal years. They occur because of the hormonal imbalances that result from a reduction in estrogen levels. Women can be sensitive because of these changes. It’s easy to be irritable and angry at this time.

Here are some simple tips to deal with mood swings.

  • Enjoy regular exercise. This helps you to clear your mind and keep your blood pumping properly. A healthy body helps to provide a healthy mind.
  • Talk to your doctor. You could use estrogen supplements to reduce your risk of mood swings.
  • Work it out. Try yoga or Pilates to relax your mind, or meditate for five minutes each day. These activities will ease your nerves and allow you to relax.
  • Herbal extractsGo all natural. Make use of potent plant extracts to give yourself some control over your mind. Many studies have shown that herbal extracts are able to help with mood swings and they are also safe to use.

It’s worth checking with your doctor before using them as problems can still occur, but herbal extracts usually come without any dangerous side effects. A few examples of useful extracts include ginseng, black cohosh, kava and chasteberry.

3. Keep Your Brain Active And Your Memory Strong

Losing your memory can be a horrible experience. Unfortunately, this problem occurs to most of us as we grow older, but you can take action to keep your memory strong and reliable.

Here are some useful tips to help you remember.

  • Blame your hormones. Memory trouble occurs because of hormonal imbalances and estrogen supplements will help with this.
  • Healthy dietGet plenty of sleep each night. Experts recommend at least eight hours of sleep per night.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. This is also vital for the well-being of the mind and memory. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals is an effective step for the protection of your brain.
  • Play a game. You can also use games and solve puzzles to keep your brain active. Try to engage in activities that test your mind to keep it active each day.
  • Get organized. If you are struggling with memory troubles, use physical items like notebooks and cellphones to create reminders for yourself.

4. Do What You Can To Lower Your Stress Levels

In the modern world with all of our hectic lifestyles, it’s nearly impossible to avoid stress. It’s therefore vital for everyone to understand the best ways to cope with stress.

Below are some of the best methods we can recommend.

  • YogaTry some yoga or meditation. Each day, give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to relax and concentrate on your breathing. This simple activity can truly help you free your mind from worries and problems.
  • Exercise is another amazing way to reduce stress levels. It doesn’t matter which activity you do, as long you get your muscles moving. If you are a little out of shape, start off slowly by taking a walk around your local area each day. If you are a fit person, start going to the gym more regularly.
  • Try new things to keep your life surprising and active. New experiences can trigger the release of chemicals in the brain to help you feel happier and more relaxed.
  • Communicate with people who care about you. Never keep stress bottled up inside. Instead, speak to your loved ones and share your emotions to free your mind.

5. Get Plenty Of Sleep To Avoid Insomnia

SleepInsomnia is another unfortunate side effect of menopause. It can bestressful and damaging for women to miss out on their sleep, so it’s essential to fight this problem and get plenty of rest each day.

Now let’s give you some of our best tips for a good night’s sleep.

  • Keep your bedroom cool. Leave your windows open and use a good fan to prevent any hot flashes in the night.
  • Get hormonal help. Estrogen supplements can even out your hormones and help you get some rest.
  • Relaxing bath
    Photo by Grand Velas Puerto Vallarta / CC BY-SA

    Clear your mind. Do a bit of calm meditation before bed to get any worries out of your mind and prepare yourself for sleep.

  • Enjoy a relaxing bath shortly before heading to bed. This will also help you to clear your head and sooth your muscles.
  • Sedatives can be an option for this problem. They will certainly help you sleep, but you should not rely on them as a long-term solution.

6. Stay Fit And Look Your Best

Women can easily gain weight once they reach the menopausal stage of life. Weight gain leads to lots of additional problems and increases your risks of various diseases and heart problems. You can easily become depressed and lose confidence in yourself by putting on a few extra pounds.

To prevent these things from happening, follow some of our tested and tried tips.

  • WalkingExercise Is Naturally The Number One Method To Lose Weight. Keeping your body active will help to burn off any excess calories and prevent you from gaining weight.
    Training in the gym can be a simple way to socialize and stay fit, but you can also simply enjoy a walk or a bike ride with your family.
  • Avoid Public Transport And Start Walking Places. Nowadays, with so many modern conveniences, we all tend to be a bit lazier than before and simply don’t use our legs enough. Instead of catching a bus or train, try walking a little further each day. This simple change in lifestyle can have super effects on your body.
  • You Will Also Want To Start Eating More Healthily. Stuffing your body full of junk food and alcohol will easily help you gain weight. These foods can also contribute to depression and the onset of many diseases. To stay fit and slim, eat plenty of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and healthy options.

7. Make Vaginal Problems Disappear

Miserable experienceVaginal atrophy is one of the worst side effects that arrive with menopause.

As your vagina thins and dries, sexual intercourse with the man you love can quickly become a painful and miserable experience. This can have devastating effects on your relationship.

Men can often feel rejected by their partners and struggle with emotional problems of their own. Meanwhile, women feel less interested in sex and depressed as they are unable to satisfy their partners. This isn’t good for anyone, so you should take action as quickly as possible.

  • Enlist Some Estrogen. Estrogen is the female sex hormone responsible for many of the changes girls undergo during puberty. It also helps with periods, pregnancy and sexual intercourse. You obviously need a good supply of this hormone if you want to have a happy and healthy sex life. Many women choose hormone therapy and supplements to keep the flame alive.
  • GelGrab The Gel. Another valuable tip is to make use of lubricants. These gels can make sex much more enjoyable and some of them offer additional benefits too.
    There are numerous safe and effective natural lubricants available online.

Products like HerSolution gel are entirely natural and perfectly safe to use. It contains lots of healthy vitamins and nutrients to boost sensitivity in and around the vagina. This makes sex better than ever and can really help to give your love life an extra boost. However, be sure to check with your doctor before using this or any other lubricant as the vagina is a sensitive area that can react in different ways.

8. Keep Your Breasts Healthy

Breast tenderness and pain is another common symptom of menopause. It can ruin a woman’s day to have swollen and sore breasts.

Fortunately, you can do some things to deal with this issue and have happier days.

  • BreastsMake use of painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin. These pills can easily help to relieve any soreness in the breast area.
  • Try some blackcurrant oil. This contains lots of vitamin C which is vital for good breast health.
  • Use evening primrose. Evening primrose oil is another beneficial product that most women use all around the world to treat tender boobs.

All these supplements are quite useful in alleviating breast tenderness and pain. However, we recommend that you check with your physician before starting with any new supplement.

Above all else, we have to recommend that you don’t keep all of these problems bottled up inside. Suffering in silence is the worst thing anyone can do. Find someone to talk to and share your feelings with them. It might be a friend, sibling or even a medical professional.

Regardless, you need to express yourself and communicate as much as possible. It can be a huge relief to get these things off your chest. Besides, you might learn even more effective tips and tricks to deal with menopause while communicating with your well-wishers.