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10 Good Reasons for Women to Correct a Bad Diet

9 years ago 11 minute read

A bad diet can create a huge amount of negative effects on a woman’s well-being. Not only can junk food make ladies put on weight and feel less attractive, it can also lead to weaker immune systems. Other concerns include problems during pregnancy, fertility issues, stress, depression and an inability to look after one’s family, along with many more problems.

Women go through many stages throughout life involving the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. Their dietary needs will change throughout these stages and it is essential to pay attention to them in order to stay healthy.

Women are extremely different from men in terms of nutrition, especially when pregnant or shortly after the birth of a child.

Nowadays, there are too many high-profile diets that involve us cutting out certain food groups entirely, effectively starving ourselves to look good and lose weight. By prescribing to diets like these, we are often depriving our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals. This, in turn, is contributing to a decline in women’s overall health.

Let’s look at a few problems that a bad diet can cause:

  • Tiredness

TirednessWomen can offer suffer from iron deficiency, which manifests itself in the form of immense fatigue.It’s worth noting that plenty of other conditions can be the cause of tiredness, including some quite serious problems, like heart disease.

This is why it is imperative to consult your doctor if you start feeling exhausted regularly for no clear reason. However, a pretty common reason will be a lack of iron.

Unfortunately for ladies, the menstrual cycle is responsible for a huge loss of iron that women are required to replenish. Iron is effectively responsible for helping the blood carry oxygen around the body and keeping your muscles energized.

  • Inflammation Of The Mouth

Women may also suffer from inflammation of the mouth. If you notice cracks or inflammation around the corners of your mouth, you may be suffering from riboflavin or iron deficiency. Other conditions that can result in similar circumstances include swollen tongues and burning mouth syndrome.

  • Osteoporosis
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become exceptionally weak and begin to break easily. Women have a high risk of developing this disorder, particularly those who have entered the menopausal stage.

We all know that calcium is required to keep bones strong and healthy. Your bones develop when you are young and can then become weaker in old age depending on how well we supplied them with the necessary amounts of calcium. Therefore, if you don’t get your calcium intake in your younger years, you have a high risk of suffering from osteoporosis later in life.

  • Fragile Hair

One sign of a poor diet is fragile and dry hair. Since hair is primarily composed of proteins, weak strands can signify a deficiency in protein in a person’s diet. However, brittle hair can also be an indicator of various other dietary problems.

It is actually normal for women to lose some hair strength and volume as the years go by.

Dry hairHowever, if you notice your hair falling out at a rapid rate, it is important to get in touch with a doctor and identify the problem as quickly as possible.

If a dietary problem is the cause of the issue, you will easily be able to remedy the situation by including some new foods in your diet.

  • Irritability And Mood Swings

If your body isn’t getting the nutrients and energy it needs, it can respond by making you experience mood swings. This is because the hormones in our brains that regulate our emotions become imbalanced. These hormones require nutrients to be produced and remain in balance. Thus, it’s imperative to eat properly if you want to look after your mind and stay happy.

  • High Cholesterol And Heart Disease
High Cholesterol
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY

Everyone should know about these two huge problems that are becoming more and more common across the world, particularly in Western countries where junk foods and fatty diets are commonplace. Women are also becoming afflicted with cardiovascular disease.

A bad diet can lead to the buildup of cholesterol in your blood vessels. This reduces circulation around the body and gives you a high risk of heart disease, which affects over half a million people in the U.S. every single year.

  • Cancer

There are a lot of things that can cause cancer, and a poor diet is one of them. Studies have shown that some of the most common forms of cancer, including breast and bladder, are encouraged by poor nutrition. Most of the problem stems from the popularity of junk food.

  • Obesity

ObesityThis one is obvious and is becoming more and more of a problem among women across the U.S. Even American children are becoming morbidly overweight. This is why we need to do all we can to reduce the rate of obesity.

The science of the problem is simple. If you eat more calories than you burn off, you put on weight. If you continue like this, you put on more and more weight. Studies now show that almost two-thirds of Americans are overweight or clinically obese, and this problem is entirely due to poor diets.

  • High Blood Pressure

As with obesity and other problems on this list, high blood pressure or hypertension is prevalent nowadays among women. This is because too many women indulge in fat and sugar-rich diets. Ignoring the essential nutrients we need puts us at huge risk of high blood pressure, which can be fatal and lead to many cardiovascular problems.

The Advantages Of A Good Diet

Good DietWe can see that a poor diet can have all sorts of negative effects on women in particular. It is therefore vital for ladies to manage their diets if they want to remain healthy and enjoy life.

Your diet needs to be properly balanced, with the right amounts of proteins, fats, sugars and salt in order to give your body what it needs and prevent the onset of any diseases or disorders.

Women especially are often the ones who prepare and cook food for their families.Hence, they need to have sufficient knowledge on the subject to not only keep themselves healthy, but their children and partners as well.

Let’s look at 10 more good reasons for eating healthy:

1. It Reduces The Effects Of Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome
Photo by TipsTimesAdmin / CC BY

The various hormones released around the time of the menstrual cycle are responsible for the typical mood swings and bouts of irritability that many women feel just before their periods.

In addition, women can often suffer from excessive food cravings and some ladies regularly put on weight during this time of the month.

Foods those are high in protein or fiber helps to fill you up for longer and get rid of those cravings. To fight the mood swings, studies have shown that vitamins of the B group may be of use.

2. It Raises Your Energy Levels

BreakfastHaving too much fat and sugar in your diet can actually make you feel less energetic, as your blood sugar levels are changing too drastically.

To balance out your blood sugar and feel revitalized as a result, you should always remember to have a good breakfast each morning.

Try to remove as many refined sugars and processed fats from your diet, and enjoy smaller meals, including processed foods in higher frequency. Unprocessed foods like grains, fruits and vegetables will balance out your diet and leave you feeling refreshed.

3. It Keeps Your Brain In Shape

Alzheimer’sAs we get older, the risks of various brain-related diseases and conditions like Alzheimer’s increases.

In order to keep your brain healthy, it’s necessary to cut out the fatty fried foods you might find in your local fast food place, and replace them with foods that you can cook in a healthier way.

Baking, steaming and grilling are processes in which much less fat is added to the food, which is much better for you. In addition, there are some specific fruits, vegetables and nuts you should be looking out for to keep your brain in top condition. These include spinach, broccoli, raspberries, walnuts, plums, kale and pecans. 

4. It ControlsYour Weight

Eating more calories than you burn off each day will result in weight gain. To lose weight, the opposite is true and you must burn off more calories than you eat.

To reduce your calorie intake and prevent the onset of obesity, cut out the fatty and sugary foods in your diet, like candy, fries and burgers. Replace these things with healthy and delicious alternatives like fruit, vegetables, cereals and lean meats, like chicken and turkey.

5. It Boosts Longevity

Vegetarian dietsEating poorly can increase your chances of getting a potentially fatal disease or disorder. Switching your diet to include healthy foods and looking after your body will lower your risks, and therefore raise your life expectancy.

Some studies have shown that vegetarian diets or those that include small amounts of meat per week may also lead to longer lives. Even if this isn’t for you, making some changes to improve your diet will give you a better chance of living longer.

6. It Makes Stress Vanish

CortisolThe foods we eat have a huge effect on our mental state,since what we consume is responsible for changing the amounts of hormones we develop. Cortisol is the hormone needed to combat feelings of stress. We can lose control of its production by eating too many fatty and salty foods.

To regain control of our emotions, research has shown that foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits can be ideal for lowering cortisol levels. Bottle water with a high magnesium content and fish with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids are also great for this purpose. In addition, doctors recommend regular exercise as an effective way to free yourself of stress and boost your happy hormones.

7. It Fights Back Against Diseases

Heart disease
Photo by ravindra gandhi / CC BY-SA

Eating unhealthily can lead to the onset of many different diseases and conditions. People with poor diets are at high risk of heart disease, hypertension and more.

To lower your risks and fight back against these diseases, you need to lower your cholesterol levels by cutting fatty foods, like butter and cheese out of your diet.

Even people who already have certain diseases or conditions will benefit from switching to a healthier diet. Patients with diabetes, some forms of cancer, arthritis and more can all improve their lives by improving their nutrition.

8. It Gives Your Sex Drive A Boost

When your arteries get clogged up with cholesterol, it reduces your circulation. Good blood flow is absolutely vital for sex, as it allows for sensitivity in the female sexual organs. Poor circulation will pose problems with arousal, orgasms and vaginal dryness. In addition,poor nutrition can interfere with your hormones, including those responsible for sexual desire and pleasure. So,you can see how eating badly can have some negative effects on your sex life.

Sex lifeFortunately, lowering your fat intake will reduce the buildup of cholesterol and improve your circulation. At the same time, getting plenty of lean protein and vitamins will help regulate your hormones, and restore the balance in your mind and body. Changes in diet may not solve every problem, but they will help.

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9. It Keeps Your Skin Looking Healthy And Youthful

Skin Looking HealthyThere are so many products out there for our skin that we sometimes forget how significant our diet can be in this area.

The nutrients and moisture your skin requires to stay looking good can all be attained from a healthy and natural diet, rather than covering your face in lotions and potions every day.

Antioxidants are rich in fruits and vegetables, which are the best types of foods for the skin. Antioxidants remove dangerous free radicals from the body, and those free radicals are responsible for various signs of aging in the skin, like wrinkles and dark spots.

In addition, we all know that fat and sugar can play a huge role in the development of acne and pimples.So, to keep your face blemish-free, it’s vital to eat as healthily as you can.

10. It Helps You Stay In Control Of Your Finances

Control Of Your FinancesEating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive as many people think. In fact, by cutting out those trips to all those fast food places, you can afford to buy healthier foods.

Leaner, often cheaper meats like chicken and turkey, along with fresh fruit and vegetables will help save plenty of money over time. In addition, you will be saving you and your family from all sorts of diseases and disorders that could require huge medical bills.

Eating right will keep you healthy in both body and mind, and help you look after your loved ones. Ladies can notice huge benefits from munching on the right foods, especially at times of PMS, menopause or even pregnancy. The positive effects of good nutrition are simply too numerous to ignore. So, start looking after yourself today and you will start to feel better tomorrow.